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1. Do I need to make an account to make a purchase?

For your security and ours we ask you to make an account.  This uses your email address and you own created password.  Once you have created your account you can start to puchase from us online.

2. Can I really pay in another currency?

Can I pay in one of the currencies offered online - well in short no.   The prices are all charged in sterling but to help you with understanding the cost we do show several currencies.  This is to give you a guide only.


Thread updated 20th March 2014


3. What currency can I send a Bank Transfer in?

We can except Bank Transfers in UK Pounds Sterling only.

Please ensure correct amount is sent failure to do so will delay your order.

4. How can I ask a question?

To ask us a question, please use the "Contact us" icon at the top of the page.  We will normally get back to you fairly quickly.

5. How can I see what I ordered?

Please log into your online account with this web site, and check your "My Orders" in "My Account"

6. You dont have an item available on this site!!

If you do not see what you are looking for currently on this site, please use the contact icon at the top of the page.  Tell us about the item, its part number (article number) where you have seen it and if known its manufacturer and any other data that may assist us in locating it.

If we can source it we will add it to this site and let you know we have added it.

7. Is my data safe? and is your web site safe to use?

Yes this is a very safe site to use.  We use https Secure online domain faciltiy secured by 128 bit secured Security provided by Rapid Security when you are logged in and using any part of our web site secure ares.

Our servers are currently based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, United Kingdom and our ISP is

Please feel free to check out as much as you want.

8. Can I pay with Credit Card?

Yes you can.  Their are two choices to pay with credit card.


Choice 1

Pay with Credit card only in Pounds Sterling !!  An ideal way to pay we handle all the transactions and if you are ordering an item which is advance orderyou pay until item is ready for despatch.


Choice 2

Paypal - we accept in Euro, Pounds and Zloty - use your Paypal account or credit card.

9. VAT and where we ship too !!

Purchases made via this online site can currently be shipped to:

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Jersey, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Luxemberg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Vatican City State, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.


If your country is not shown - it may still be possible for you to purchase from us - please let us know what your request is and country and advise us using the "Contact" icon at the top of this page.


VAT information for UK and European residents and orders delivered within the EU

Please note that when you are not logged into our system via an account, our data base will presume you are in Europe and as such all price shown will be with UK VAT (20% inclusive*)

If you log into or create an account and your country is in the European Union - the price shown will be with UK Vat currently as at 20th March 2014 20%*


VAT information for order for delivery outside of the UK and European Union

If you log into your account or create an account with an address outside of the European Union (example USA, Canada, Astralia, Japan, New Zealand etc) then as soon as you are actively signed in with your country address (non European) all prices shown on our site are automaticlly shown with out UK Vat (ie: price shown will be net of VAT - no further reductions will be made to those prices


Important notes to VAT Free orders

In order for the order to quailify for VAT free status the order must be for shipping out side of the UK and or European Union.  (if it is requested to be collected of delivery to another address within the UK or European Union then VAT will be charged and must be paid before any goods can be delivered or collected.

Please note that if you have an order delivered to an address outside of the UK or European Union and then bring it back (ship it back or bring back in person) you must as law declares, declare these goods at point of entry to the UK or EU and to the customs who may wish to re-charge the VAT as you will be now importing goods which may be required to have VAT and or import duties levied on them.  Such costs are at your expence.

10. I created an online account! but can not use it! Why?

Spoof/Incorrectly Completed Online Account Application.

When you open an online account with us you are required to enter data about yourself.  Part of that data is a VALID current email address.

Your email address is used to send you your opening confirmation of your user name and password.  If you entered your email address incorrectly or you entered an invalid spoof email address we will receive notification of this.  For security purposes, when we get this notification the account you just created will be deleted.  (All data you entered is destroyed) You will know you have entered your email address incorrectly or entered an invalid spoof email address as you will not be able to receive your 1st email or any other automated emails from us. For your information the 1st email is sent immediately from us and should be received by you within minutes of creating your online account.


Please remake a new account with VALID Data.

11. I sent you/You sent me an email but I did not get it!!

Answer dated 20th July 2010 - New Global Email Junk Filters in Operation.


Over the last 14 - 21 days many changes have taken place in how junk mail is dealt with by Internet Service Providers.  We are not sure as to why some email get to our customers straight away and others either do not get our email or often wait for unto 48 hours before reciveing it.


We have been working very closely with our UK ISP Vidahost, who have been changing various sercurity settings to ensure our emails are not treated as junk mail.


If you have any questions - please use the online Contact shown above.

12. I have trouble in opening pages or making an account!!

Answer dated 20th July 2010


To use this site you need to ensure that you allow cookies and use the latest Java software from Sun Microsystems Visit their site at


With out these two important requirements - you may experience slow page loading and or you will not be able to register an account to make purchases.

13. Where do I get the discount code!!

To obtain the discount code all you need to do is either creat an online account and or login to your online account.  Go to MY ACCOUNT and the click MY VOUCHERS.


When the voucher page opens you will be able to see all vouchers available to use and most importantly the code of the voucher to use when you are in your cart.


You enter the code in the area of your Cart where it asks you to enter the voucher code.

please remember only orders with the correct code will get any discount or money off as the reduction is shown before you complete the order.

14. Do you really need my phone number ?

When you make an online account we do ask you to supply us your contact telephone number.


We do ask for your Mobile phone, but if you do not have this then please use your house phone number of a work number.


The reason we do this is that on occasions we need to contact you urgently about your order or payment and although we do this by email and your online account message board you may not be near a computer to read and action the data.  So using a phone to contact you is often quicker for us.


Also if we send goods to you we need the contact telephone number so that our couriers can call you should they have a problem is finding your address.  In fact we are unable to send any shipments by DPD unless we do give them your telephone contact number as they refuse to accept the shipment, which only course huge delays.


Thread updated 10th April 2011

15. I used Paypal to pay for an order but can not see my order!

On occasions when a customer has created an order and chose to pay through the Paypal gateway the order does not show up in the system.   Paypal uses a token to return back to our site to advise that the order has been successfully paid for, if we do not receive the token our system is unable to update our site and no actual order is placed.  We of course can see the transaction in our Paypal Account and would have also received their email advising us (and one sent to you by Paypal) that we have received your payment.  Where possible we will re-create your order, you will need to ask for a new password to be sent to you after we have created the replacement order although we will also try to send this to you, but most importantly we will continue to process the transaction so you will receive your order.  Please always contact us at if you have any questions about an order you used Paypal to pay for the order.

Please note this only effects some Paypal transactions. 

Thread dated 10th April 2011

updated 14th April 2011

16. SSL Security Alert

Dated 27th November 2011 - customer issued question


Message: Hi, every time I head to the checkout Chrome throws up a security alert. SSL error to be precise. Chrome states the server is producing its own unrecognised security certs.
Is this my setup? I am reluctant to use the site for this reason.


Dated 27th November 2011 - Systems Admin Reply


We take security very seriously and as such are always monitoring our servers for any errors.

Therefore,  for our own and your security we contacted our ISP Vidahost who checked our SSL Security Certificate. The report was that all is correct, working and securing our sites as it should be.


We also checked some browsers and our system works 100% without error using IE8, IE8 64bit and Mozilla Firefox.  We do not use Google Chrome and therefore are unable to check this browser for the error you reported.


However, in most instances where an error like this happens it is often a rogue image that has not been set into https mode and remained in http mode thus when calling to open a secure site with https the SSL error window will display showing the choice of unsecure or secure view to choose from.  It does not mean there is an actual fault with the site's security Certificate.  The pop up window is an old sytle and scripted Microsoft warning window which often is shown when such image errors are present - From our own experince sites such as Wizzair often have the same error shown up but there is nothing wrong with their certificate.


Updated - 27th November 2011 @ 13.15

We downloaded Google Chrome and put this to the test - we made an online purchase, went to cart (site went to https) proceeded to make purchase (site moved to enter log in details or make account) we clicked make new account and created the new account and completed the purchase.  We had no SSL errors and could not re-create the original error as reported above.

(Google Chrome - "Options", "Under the bonnet" - there is a section here where you can manage https/SSL perhaps this maybe giving a problem in regard to the question above)

However, we did notice that Google Chrome was much more faster than IE 8 !! interesting!


Ian - Systems Admin.

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