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Do I need an Account? and why do I need an Account?

That’s a good question, so let us explain.


Its free for you to use

This is one of our new online sites launched in December 2009 which is very different to those of our previous sites.  Like our previous sites this new site is free for you to browse any page and look at any of the items we have which you may wish to purchase from us.  However, should you choose to purchase from us you will need to create your own account.


This site is secured using RapidSSL 128 Bit SSL Security.

Secured by RapidSSL

When you create your account or you log into your account or view any of your private data you will be assured that all the information you provided is secure no one else can see this secure information.  You will know this because we use the same protection as the Banks do, just look at the address bar and see the address change to HTTPS when ever you are in a secure area of our web site.


Create an account.

When you create your account we ask for data such as your Name and address and contact details.  The data you provide is protected by your very own password which is only known to you. No data is asked about any credit cards as this information is only asked for when you make and complete a purchase.


We use a cookie.

A cookie is used on your system for the purpose of allowing you to remain logged into our site and for us to see what you are interested in from our site.  The cookie has no other use for us and can be deleted at any time from your computer.  It is only used again when you log into your account.


What you can access when logged in.

When you have an online account with us you can access the following section which is only available to you as a registered user of our online site.

History and details of your orders

Credit slips

Your Addresses

Your personal Information

Your Vouchers

My Alerts

My wish Lists

My loyalty points


The benefits of having account with us.

As a registered user you can benefit from regular discounts and promotions by way of Vouchers, which you as a registered user of this online site can see when you are logged in and visit the Your Vouchers.  The vouchers have various discount levels and an expiry life period.  So it’s best to keep checking your account for a voucher that may suit your own purchase needs.  Vouchers are given at our discretion and may also be limited in the amount of customers that can use the voucher.  To use a voucher please make a purchase and then go to your cart to enter the code for the voucher you want to use.  If you have reached the minimum value or the voucher is a currently valid voucher then your cart will be reduced by the Voucher value.


My loyalty points

Yes as a registered user of this online site you will also have the facility to earn Loyalty PointsLoyalty Points are our new way (from 21st February 2010) to say thank you for shopping online with us.  It is simply easy to use as for every full Ten Pounds GBP you spend online with us you will gain 1 (one) Loyalty Point.  You can save your Loyalty Points and keep saving them as you shop further with us or you are free to spend them on your purchases when ever you like.  To view your loyalty Points please log into your account and visit the My loyalty points in your MY ACCOUNT section.  Please note we reserve the right to amend or withdraw Loyalty Points without prior notification to our registered customers.


My Alerts

Yes as a registered user of this online site you can now (23.02.10) asked to be notified when anout of stock item becomes available again.  It is simply to use just go into the details of the item you want and click the "Notify me when available" link.  Then you can see in your "My alerts" the items you have asked for a notifiction about.  You will be advised as soon as the item comes back in to stock.


Make a comment on a model ?

Yes as a registered user of this online site you will also have the facility to make a comment on a model or models we have available.  Your comments will be required to be validated by our administration Moderator which will help our site to become even more user friendly as other modellers write their views and opinions for all to read.

(This site is not only for adults but is also used by children to view what they would like their parents to perhaps buy them.  As such we will not allow any comment to be posted which may be offensive, or of a sexual, race or religious nature or offend any user of this site or breach any law or make claims against any product which could result in any action being taken by a manufacturer against the owners and operators of this site)

Each comment indicates and is recorded by our system and failure to observe clean non offensive language may result in your account being blocked.


Your email address is important to you and us.

All we ask is that at your 1st point of registration you double check that your email address is written correctly and that the password you make you have stored in a secure way to stop other people accessing your account.  If you loose or forget your password please click the Forgot your Password? In the already registered window and then follow the very easy instructions.  Our system will then send to you a new auto generated password to your email (this is why we ask you to ensure you write your email address correctly).  You will then receive a new email with a new password and then you can log into your account and change the password to one of your choice.


Changed your email addess or registered email address is no longer valid.

If you have typed your email address incorrectly at the registration point or you have changed your email address and wish to continue to use the account you set up please contact us using the contact from from the top of our web site.  Please advise your full name and address and the new email address you wish to use.  Please note we may contact you to varify and confrim the change you request


Our commitment to you.

We continue to improve are services every week and we have just included our "Customer Loyalty Points Scheme.  We would like your visit to our site either as a customer or a potential customer to be as interesting and successful for not only you but us as the owners of the this online shopping site.


Happy shopping

Administration, MDR Direct Online Retailing

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