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Well you have found your way onto this site, MDR Direct Online Retailing.  It’s easy to browse the pages and see the many colourful pictures and 1000's of items offered within the site.


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Lets look for a model to buy.

It is best to go into the Categories where you can view our products.  Here you will see many different sections and we will use the Model Vehicles   section to assist you.  So click on the  Model Vehicles  section.  This section will open up giving you several more sections - so again we will click on Herpa and another subsection will open - we will click again on 1:87 Trucks HO.  Various Models will now be displayed.  Please choose the 1st one displayed and click on View   This item will now open up and you will be able to read any information about the product you are viewing.


Now we need to make a purchase.

OK, so now we have the model/item we want to buy in view on the screen.. Please now click Buy Item. You will now see that the item has been added to your cart.  (please note if an item is no longer available you will not ba able to click the Buy Item button)   You can add, remove more items to your cart at this stage. 


OK, so you are now ready to complete the order!! 

In the cart window please click Check Out.  (Please read the link Do I need an Account?) We created the chance for you to make your own account - so you will need to Create your Account by completing your email address and then clicking Create Your Account The next window will ask you to fill in various data boxes with your information - you must also make a password (please save your email & password securely you will need it to log on again next time you use our service or check your account data)  Next please click Register.  The next screen will show you your delivery address and billing address details and also a new window box will open called MY ACCOUNT. Now click the box Next.  (Already have an account - please read below)


Already registered - just enter your email address and the password and you will be able to continue your purchase as described below.


Terms and conditions will be shown and the type of carrier will be advised (please choose as required) Now click the box Next.  Now you can choose your payment method.  We chose and clicked on Pay with credit card. Now complete the page that opens by inserting your credit card payment details and then clicking Submit order. (Please note at this stage you can click on Other Payment Methods which will take you back to the window giving you a choice of payment methods again).


It's really that simple and easy!! Please remember, once you have completed the registration once you only need your email address and password to log into your account at any time to view your orders, status of account and much more.


For your information the system will drop a cookie onto your computer - we use this so you can keep track of your orders past and present and to view the pages you visit. (If we cannot drop the cookie onto your system you may not be able to use our service and make any purchases from us).  The use of a Cookie helps us to continue to give you the best use of our site.  You can delete our cookie at any time it is only inserted when you log on to our site again.  If you leave the cookie in place it does nothing until you visit our site again and you will see your computer log you into your account which you created.


We hope the information in this page has helped you to create your account and therefore give you access to make your purchases as and when you please.


Thank you for taking the time to read this information.


Important information if you change the lauguage settings from English to another language.

We have provided a language translator so that our none English ready viewers can undertand the information and products we have on this site. The British Pound sign may change to your chosen translation currency symbol so we advise you that all monetary values are originally shown and changed our base currency of British GBP Pound.  The original Text and format of this site in in the Base language of English.


Happy shopping

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