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Underground Ernie - Exposed


Section A


Follow our images on any powered Underground unit to help you install a DCC Digital Decoder

Image 1

In this image we have shown you where the 6 screws are which you must remove so you take off the body top - note: a small philips screw driver is required to remove them (6 screws in total)

Image 2

Next, before taking off the body remove the face by holding and pulling forward as shown in the image

Image 3

Remove Loco face as shown in image and put to one side

Image 4

Remove body upwards as shown in the picture below

Image 5

Here we show you the 8 Pin DCC Decoder Blanking plate (In red circle) and the 12 V DC motor (In Blue circle)

Image 6

Remove the Blanking Plate (Yellow Circle) and then you can see the 8 Pin DCC Socket exposed (Red Circel) Important!! Follow the instructions of the decoder of your choice when fitting in to the socket.  Once fitted, its a simple case of testing on the track, renaming the decoder number from default 3 to your choice and repeat on next loco so that you can run several Underground Ernie ebgine on the same track using any DCC digital controller.

Image 7

Our Final picture below shows you the only tool required to dismantle the power unit is a small philips screwdriver (dont forget to look after the 6 retaining screws) - Re-assemble is simple a case of following these instructons in revers.


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