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Hello and thank you for showing your interest in who we are. 

We are a small company which was established in January 1992. MDR Direct company  operates from its retail base in Cookham.  The village of Cookham in just north of Maidenhead and west of Slough in the Royal County of Berkshire.  You can reach us by car using the motorways of the M4, M40 and M25 (or A roads A4, A40) and British Railway stations of Maidenhead & Cookham. Heathrow Airport is only 10 miles away and from the airport there is a bus link to Maidenhead where you can catch the train or Taxi (only 2 miles from Maidenhead) to Cookham.

This internet site, which you have chosen to view has been developed from 3 previous sites, namely Fleischmann Direct, MDR Direct and Der Modellbahner.

Fleischmann Direct specialised in retailing Fleischmann Models.  Dermodellbahner specialised in Roco Models and MDR Direct was a mix of British and other European Models.

As time progressed various Model Railway Manufacturers have been bought-out and or changed ownership over the last several years.  The Credit Crunch (2008/2012) and devaluation of the British pound against other currencies (2008/2010) pushed us to make severe changes in order to remain an effective and strong business for the years to come. 

The Birth of our new online retail store, which you are now visiting, is the result of much work and also the efforts of a great team of computer experts who created the Prestastore experience from which we now use.

Since we launched this new site in Early December 2009, we have added many new features and facilities making it an interesting place for you to navigate and play with all the windows whilst also viewing all the several 1000's of products we have now loaded into the site. Today, 3rd November, the MDR Direct Online Retailing site has over 25,000 pieces in stock ready to ship and this figure increases on a weekly basis.


This is not just a place to buy online!!  You can also visit our Retail shop (a real retail shop packed from floor to ceiling) in Cookham.  Our staff in Cookham can help you in many ways with your Hobby and also have the chance to browse our vast stock and make a purchases just like you do from any other High Street Retail Shop. If you wish to visit us our details are shown below there is also an information page with openning times etc please see the link MDR Direct Retail shop.

Our UK address is:

MDR Direct, High Street, Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 9SJ, UK

Retail Shop Manager is Mr Robert Drayson and you can contact him on 01628 528 556 (0044 1628528556)

Enquiries about an online order please email us in the normal way or use the contact method shown on the bottom of this page.


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