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Price Match on any Fleischman, Roco, Kato, Hobbytrain (by Lemke), Piko  or Lemke current product - we will send you an e-invoice by email

We can now send you our own e-invoice by email which is created by us which you will recieve by email and open in a internet browser; I'ts that easy !! - you click the Payment button on the top of the e-invoice and pay online using Paypal.  Only Paypal gets your payment data.  You can pay using your current Paypal Account or by any credit card that is accepted by Paypal.  If you dont have a Paypal account, its no problem and Paypal will even ask if you would like to make an account.


Paying with PayPal protects you, we dont receive any of your payment data from you only, we recieve only your payment - its that secure using PayPal


You dont need to price match either - Dont want to create an account online with us - no problem - just use the Contact us at the top of the page and choose Systems Admin (UK/PL) and let us know what you want and we will send you an e-invoice

Just use the Contact us at the top of the page and choose Systems Admin (UK/PL)


So how does it work?


1)      From 20th May 2014 we have updated our Price Match Policy.  Our Price Match Policy is against any Fleischman, Roco or Piko current product.  The Price Match Policy is exclusive to the UK only.  (Other brands added see clause 10)

2)      For Price Match we advise you that we will accept any price match from any Authorized Fleischmann, Roco or Piko Dealer with its outlet in the UK.  Any request for a Price Match will be looked at fairly, details of the Price Match we are requested to match must be advised to us at the time of making such Price Match request.  We must be able to view any Price Match request online at that said Authorized Dealer.  We reserve the right not to accept any Price Match request, as such we reserve the right not advise any details as to why we chose not to accept a Price Match request.  We will not Price Match any item which causes any loss to the company or by way of underselling the cost price of such goods.

3)      Any Price Match item will be excluded from any other offer which may be available on this site or instore.

4)      Any Price Matched item or items will not qualify for free delivery - the e-invoice will include a fair price for shipping unless being collected from MDR Direct in person (collection in person - you will be required to show some form of id which clearly shows your name and address).

5)      Any item we choose to Price Match must be in stock at MDR Direct or Co-operation business or in stock with our supplier.  Items that are not released, out of stock at the supplier or MDR Direct or new releases will not be accepted for price match.

6)      The Price Match Request from any customer must come by email with name and address and details of the item / items that the Price Match request relates too.

7)      Should we proceed with a Price Match request, we will then send an e-invoice generated via the service of Paypal, the customer should then pay this invoice – Goods that are in stock will be sent or made available for collection.  Items that require to be delivered to us by our supplier, the customer is advised that we allow up to 28 days for delivery or course it is our aim to turn around the Price Match request order as quick as we can. (After 28 days the customer can cancel his/her order and a full refund for monies paid will be undertaken with 7 days of said cancelation)

8)      We reserve the right to stop, suspend or amend any of these points without any notification.

9)      This Price Match Policy is only operational online and on any item of a value exceding £20.00 or more.  In other words we dont price match on small value items.

10)      Brands we will Price Match include as already advised Fleischmann, Roco and Piko also Kato (21/01/2014), Hobbytrain (by Lemke) (21/01/2014) Lemke (21/01/2014)


Seen anything else somewhere online which you would like us to quote you for which is not on our site?  No problem, just tell us about the item, supply a link to it and lets see if we can supply it for you.

The same service can also be used for any item not listed on our site, but possible for us to supply.  You can email us the article or articles and again we will raise our e-invoice and then the process of payment / ordering and delivery starts its process.  (This eXtra service is also available globally and not just for the UK) To contact us please use the Contact us at the top of the page and choose Systems Admin (UK/PL) and let us know what you want and we will send you an e-invoice


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