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Welcome to Wroclaw Model Centre

Pullman Products - Polska Sp z o.o.

Modelleisenbahn Roco & Fleischman e-Shop Partner

EUROPARTNER Shop - MDR Direct, The Old Bank, High Street, Cookham, Berkshire, SL69SJ


MDR Direct would like to inform you that our Europartner Shop in Poland (Pullman Products – Polska Sp zo.o. {PPP} Trading as Wroclaw Model Centre) became a new partner of Modelleisenbahn München GmbH in regard to being able to offer the services of the e-Shop program which is available online from either of the Fleischmann & or Roco web sites.

(This is in adition to PPP's standard Direct Account Facilities with Modelleisenbahn)


New Roco e-Shop Service       New Fleischmann e-Shop Service

The new online e-Shop Service is a program of online shopping available via the Roco and Fleischmann web sites.  On the e-Shop Service web site you are able to buy models from a very exclusive collection of Locomotives, Coaches, Wagons and complete Train Sets (Starter Sets) which you will not be able to purchase anywhere else other than directly from the Roco & Fleischmann e-Shop Service web sites.

The e-Shop Service has been created for the most of demanding of customers, who would like to have the most unique and exclusive models. This is for sure not a standard offer.  This is a special offer for you.

You will not see these models on display in any retail or other online shop or in any catalogues.


It does not mean that purchasing on e-Shop Service web site will be difficult for you, infact this is a very standard procedure of purchasing just like MDR Direct's or Wroclaw Model Centre's online sites and indeed other online shops around the world.

You have to choose the model of your choice and press the icon “into basket”, “Buy now” or “Buy”, then you have to log in or create an account (which usually is free) and then bit by bit, follow the system’s instructions. You will then finally choose the mode of shipment, method of payment or make or review your order to check if everything is in place and in correct.


There is only one new action, which you required to complete and that is you are required to choose your specialised dealer as shown in the drop down listing where you will collect your purchased model*. (we would like you to choose Pullman Products Polska Sp zo.o. in the country of POLAND * The model order is delivered to us for collection or you can arraange us to the ship it to you directly or to MDR direct for you collection in the UK)

Please take note that not all shops that sell Fleischmann and Roco Models are e-Shop Service partners.

So if you chose to have your order shipped to us in Poland then the following data will then apply to you.We will inform you straight away when we receive the model, which you purchased so that you can collect or arrange for it to be shipped to you. There is no problem for us to ship the item to you, because we would like to make your shopping much easier and comfortable for you.

Before you complete your purchase you can continue your shopping and add more models to your shopping basket. The company Modelleisenbahn München GmbH (Roco & Fleischmann) toke care to make your purchase easy and comfortable.

If you are worried that creating your first order on the e-Shop Service web site could be a little bit difficult or complicated for you, we (Wroclaw Model Centre and MDR Direct) have prepared below for you our special step by step instructions - all we ask is to select Pullman as your chosen "accepting shop" to receive your order*.

You are able to choose one of the languages on the list on main Roco or Fleischmann web sites: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese or Japanese, but you will need to make this choice before you continue to make a puchase within the e-Shop Web site.

When you get to the main web site of Roco ( or Fleischmann ( you need to scroll down the page and press the icon (exactly like shown below or if you want click the icon image below and a new window will open up taking you directly to the e-shop of your choice). For Roco or Fleischmann, it depends which web site you have chosen to browse.  You can click one of these icons now to go to the main e-Shop Service web site straight away.


New Fleischmann e-Shop Entrance  New Roco e-Shop Entrance

These icons are connected directly with the e-Shop Services.  When you click one of them the system will take you to the Window of the e-Shop Service Introduction window as shown below in our example.

Now let's take the Fleischmann e-Shop web site as a example.   

please note – on the Roco e-shop web site it is exactly the same path of purchasing


If you click the window (as shown below) your browser will open a page directly to the e-Shop products.

New e-Shop Service Introduction 

After clicking the window of the e-Shop Service Introduction, you will go to the page with products. Here you can have a look what current e-shop items are on available.  Currently the range of items is not so huge, but it is hoped over time that the range of products will increase making the e-Shop a very important place to shop.


All models on the e-Shop Service site have  sign in the right corner up on the window with model.  This sign means, that you see the e-Shop Service offer.



New e-Shop Service Offer Window




The models with a the sign  in the right corner of the window (like above for instance), are usually in production, so you can preorder them or reserve them as required.


Now, you can view the products, which are offered within the e-Shop Service Program. You can see the details, pre-ordering or purchasing models, which you may have already chosen.

When you click on the window with the model, the system will take you to the site of this model, where you can choose to take various actions.





When you decide what would you like to do next – for example – you want to buy a model

you have to click the icon  and then “Open basket”.

Now your model is on the shopping card and waiting for you to going further or continuing your shopping.

Remember, that you can choose more than one model regardless if it is in production or not. 

If your model has a status of “New release” or simple “New” you can reserve it or preorder it 

(as we have written above) and then you have a guarantee that this model will be yours.

Pre-orders and reservations help the Company to keep an eye on the production.


So again, when you decided to click the icon  you then have to click

“Open basket” to view into your shopping cart  


View of your order card



Now you can choose from several options. You can update your basket, delete items, go to the checkout or continue shopping in the e-Shop Service. If you would like to finalise your purchase, you have to click the icon    After clicking the icon the system will take you to the next window called “Checkout” 


 Checkout window



Now you are in the next phase of the purchase procedure. Here you have to choose the right option for you. You can choose  if you are not registered in the online e-Shop Service or   if you would like to create an account. These options are in the left part of the Checkout window.  Then you click the icon


If you are registered – you have to type you user name and password and click the icon “Log in”.


If you are not registered and clicked icon  the system will take you to the window,

where you must fill the form called “Invoice address”


Data window

Please note, that if you are purchasing or ordering as a guest or you would like to create an account, you must fill the form data before you will be able to complete the task of your choice.

When you make the step of purchasing or ordering, the system will guide you further to windows of “Mode of shipment”, “Method of payment”, “Choosing your dealer” and “Order overview”.

As we pointed out to you earlier - not all retailers are members of the e-shop program and therefore will not be able to take delivery of the models that you wish to purchase. In this case you must choose the dealer for you by using the list of dealers as shown by country and within the listing of the e-shop program

(please choose Poland and then Pullman Products Polska Sp zo.o. - by doing this you help us)

On the list you can choose the dealer from many parts of the world. Even if you are living some miles away from your dealer you don’t have to take such distance and drive specially to collect your model. If you chose Pullman Products Polska we can send it straight to you*.


The e-Shop Service is a new part of Modelleisenbahn München Online Shop and is available for each retail customer – for you as well. This service is easy to use and to search for items that are currently offered via the e-Shop program.


If you are interested in looking at the e-Shop Service, whether you are a Roco or Fleischmann Fan, the e-Shop is free to browse all year round. There are no obligations for you to make a purchase or order straight away. You can see and get to know, which models you can buy, how much they cost and if they are available now or in production.


If you have any questions about new e-Shop Service – contact us. We’ll try to help and advice you in yours issues. You can phone us 0048 71 341 99 91 or E-Mail


Below you can see some of the many models offered on the e-Shop Service Website


Fleischmann Steam Loco 411704


Fleischmann Steam Loco 707002



Roco 41501

Digital StartSet Z21 with Diesel Loco BR204 DB AG with three wagons

Era 5-6, Scale H0 1:87

Roco Train Set 41501


Roco 78730

Diesel Locomotive BR 265 DB Era 4 Scale H0 1:87

Roco Diesel Loco 78730


Digital Startser Fleischmann 631384

New Fleischmann e-Shop Service


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